How Reprice Empowered VPG to Achieve Pricing Excellence for 20,000+ Products

October 11, 2023 | 3 minutes read

vertical playground

About VPG

Vertical Playground (VPG), one of Norway's largest specialist stores in steep outdoor activities, emerged in the early 2000s.

Three outdoor lovers – Harald, Rune, and Trygve, all skilled skiers and climbers – embarked on a mission to make outdoor adventures available to everyone.

They started by importing top-quality sports gear for activities like kayaking, climbing, and skiing.

Over time, they went from a small basement startup to a successful physical store and a strong online presence. They are dedicated to quality and making the outdoors accessible to everyone - which their journey clearly shows.

Scaling with 20,000+ products

Continuing the journey of VPG, their growth led to a significant challenge: Managing a catalog of over 20,000 products efficiently.

This brought them face-to-face with complex pricing issues as their outdated ERP system proved to be a major roadblock.

Attempting to customize within this system turned into a time-consuming and cumbersome process. Which as a result put a damper on the company's agility (and their ability to offer competitive prices).

The need for a streamlined pricing solution became increasingly evident as VPG's diverse product range increased and shifted with the seasons.

Why VPG Chose Reprice

In their search for a solution, VPG found Reprice to be the perfect fit.


Unlike competitors, Reprice consistently updated its features and adapted to evolving customer needs - in a highly competitive, dynamic retail environment.

Plus, VPG valued Reprice's expertise in seamless system integration and their proactive, flexible approach.

"We had a monolithic webshop and ERP system, which was challenging to integrate with. Reprice is very proactive and skilled at integrating with other systems, while also presenting themselves as flexible and forward-thinking early on, enabling us to achieve good solutions through dialogue."

Bjarne Grødseth

General manager

A boost in pricing management

For VPG, implementing Reprice completely changed their pricing process.

What was once a challenging task became swift and efficient:

VPG's team admired Reprice's user-friendly interface, customizable workspaces, and tag-based product organization, which enabled seamless collaboration among colleagues.

Unveiling market insights

With Reprice, VPG gained more than just efficient campaign planning and execution.

They also uncovered valuable insights into competitors' prices, their own inventory levels, sales trends, and price history.

VPG then used this data to refine their campaign strategies and improve their inventory management.

Balancing automation and manual control

Although Reprice provided automated price adjustments based on rules, VPG opted for manual control to avoid excessive price fluctuations.

This approach allowed them to maintain pricing precision all while staying agile.

Facilitating revenue growth

Reprice played a huge role in helping VPG achieve their revenue targets - by enabling efficient campaign planning, pricing strategies, plus execution.

The tool streamlined the setup of large-scale campaigns with various pricing strategies and discounts.

Additionally, it improved inventory control, allowing multiple team members to work together effectively to identify products with specific characteristics (like low turnover rates or high inventory levels).

Not only did this help save time - but also let the team focus on other essential tasks within the organization.

"Keeping up with the market you operate in is super important, and if you don't stay on top of things, you'll miss out on crucial sales, and your customers will turn to your competitors. The internet is here to stay, so you have to utilize the available tools that can help boost your profitability and provide a better understanding of the market."

Bjarne Grødseth

General manager

A strategic partner for more pricing power

For VPG, Reprice isn't just a tool.

It’s a strategic partner on their path to better, more dynamic pricing.

They strongly recommend Reprice for e-commerce stores looking to stay competitive in today's fast-paced digital market.

The collaboration between Reprice and VPG transformed their approach to pricing — by enabling them to offer high-quality outdoor gear at competitive prices. This partnership truly highlights the impact of technology in the retail industry.

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