Seamlessly Connect Reprice With Core Business Systems To Get A Complete Overview Of The Product Life Cycle

Gain complete control of your pricing strategy by seamlessly integrating Reprice with your e-commerce, ERP, PIM, inventory and web analytics platforms. With all data synchronized, Reprice puts your products and pricing at the center of your business management.

Integrate with Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce and Multicase

Synchronize product data with Reprice and e-commerce platform

With our dashboard, customers can take advantage of our fully integrated platform and use this as a main tool internally to generate reports and view key statistics and data from all the data sources you’re sharing with Reprice.

Instead of logging in to several tools to get your sales and revenue reports, you only need one - Reprice.

Reprice integrates with Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce allowing for two-way synchronization of product data. Product attributes like price, title, EAN, cost and inventory are transferred from the platforms to Reprice - so you get the same product data in both systems.

With Reprice, you no longer have to manually import and export data between platforms in order to keep them updated. It’s automated.

Get full pricing control with integrated ERP and PIM

Integrate with Brightpearl (ERP) and Salsify (PIM) for complete pricing control.

Reprice's two-way synchronization of product data and price changes ensures proper master data management, with changes submitted to ERP/PIM and propagated to ecommerce stores and external systems.

The benefit of this is that you can have a comprehensive overview of your entire business, with accurate and up-to-date information on pricing, product data, revenues, and margins available at all times. All in one platform.

Better data analysis with Google BigQuery integration

By integrating with Google BigQuery, Reprice allows you to consolidate all your product and competitor data into a single repository for easy access and analysis.

With BigQuery's cost-effective historical data storage and Reprice's large-scale BI and data mining capabilities, you can quickly identify trends and insights, empowering you to make informed pricing decisions that boost your revenue and margins.

You can focus on your pricing strategies - without worrying about the complexities of data storage or analysis.

Understand how website visitors respond to new price strategies

Google Analytics is an essential tool to gain insights into how a product range is performing.

When you integrate Google Analytics with Reprice, you can track the effectiveness of your pricing strategies by analyzing customer behavior and monitoring their response to price adjustments. Do they abandon checkout? Do they add more products to the basket?

Analyzing this data allows you to make data-driven decisions to identify which pricing strategies are most effective at driving sales and maximizing profits.

Boost e-commerce revenue with API insights

The Reprice API empowers small and fast-growing e-commerce companies to maximize pricing revenues and margins with every customer transaction.

It lets customers access all product and competitor data for their stores, retrieve competitor prices, stock status, and competitor product links, enriching the data in their core systems.

This gives them complete control over pricing rules and allows them to build their own automation flow - all from one place.

Make faster pricing decisions based on market trends

Reprice integrates with inventory and warehouse management systems ((Inventory Planner, Ongoing WMS) in order to get access to detailed inventory data. Reprice can synchronize restock information, sales velocity, products on orders and more.

When you integrate Reprice with inventory and warehouse management systems, you can make better pricing decisions and create more advanced pricing rules by having access to inventory data.

The end result? Companies can increase their profits by paying close attention to the sales velocity of their products and applying discounts while the products are still in season - instead of ending up with a large inventory at the end of the season.

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