Grow e-commerce revenue by optimising product pricing based on demand, trends and market opportunities

With Reprice you can change product pricing manually or automatically, based on specific rules you set. You can benchmark competitors, update bulk pricing for specific brands or products - and automate pricing updates between website and physical stores.

Overview of products

A complete overview of product and sales performance

With our dashboard, customers can take advantage of our fully integrated platform and use this as a main tool internally to generate reports and view key statistics and data from all the data sources you’re sharing with Reprice.

Instead of logging in to several tools to get your sales and revenue reports, you only need one - Reprice.

Stay on top of competitor pricing and market share

Reprice gives you a “bird's-eye view” of your market and you can take advantage of this to adjust automated pricing rules and competitor prioritization. It’s also used to identify new competitors.

Use this feature to identify competitors, adapt your strategy and to push your suppliers. Forgot using Excel or Google docs to track competitor pricing, automate it with Reprice.

You're in full control of how you price your products

Product pricing is at the core of the Reprice platform. With Reprice, you can manually update the price for selected products, brands and categories without the worry of automation.

Unlike other pricing optimization solutions where all product pricing is automated, Reprice allows you to adjust specific product pricing based on seasonality, campaigns and/ or discounts - helping you move fast and capitalize on market trends.

Automate pricing based on rules you choose

With automatic pricing, Reprice lets you create pricing rules based on criteria such as “brand”, “category” or “tag” for any products defined in the pricing rule.You can also choose criterias such as “follow competitor X”, “minimum margin” or “decrease and increase price” to define your pricing rule.

Move from a reactive pricing strategy to a proactive strategy with automated price optimization. With Reprice, you will generate higher revenue and higher margins.

Filtering products

Update pricing for brands categories and tags in bulk

Receive documents from suppliers with a new recommended retail price? Reprice can automatically adjust pricing to the new RRP. We can also integrate with electronic price tags in your physical stores, allowing you to update prices within the Reprice platform and automatically update prices online (website) and offline (electronic price tags in shops).

Updating long lists of prices is a time consuming process. When you automate it, you lower the risk of human error.

Upload product feeds directly in Google and Merchant center

Reprice will support you with product feeds and help you upload the feed to Google Merchant Center. This allows you to create and manage shopping ads, monitor performance, and optimize your advertising campaigns.

With Reprice, you can avoid spending budget on products with low ROI and instead, spend more budget on products that sell.

Synchronise product data with Reprice and core business platforms

Reprice integrates with e-commerce platforms (Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce), ERP (Brightpearl) and PIM (Salsify) allowing for two-way synchronization of product data.

Product attributes like price, title, EAN, cost and inventory are transferred from these platforms to Reprice - and you will see the same product data in all systems.

With Reprice, you no longer have to manually import and export data between systems in order to keep them updated.

Get pricing updates


Tracking competitor data is complex. E-commerce companies use a combination of Excel sheets and in-house tools to monitor competitor pricing., which is resource intensive, time consuming and challenging - and it doesn’t always guarantee accuracy.

Reprice has done the hard work for you. As a data provider, Reprice gives you access to real-time competitor data to your ERP or external data source such as Big Query. - allowing you to enhance pricing tactics and strategies based on daily market trends.

Pricing data is updated daily, but can be tailored to a frequency based on your needs.

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