Reprice / Maksimer

We provide our key partners with a price optimization and competitor monitoring system.

Reprice delivers the best tool to handle price and include a campaign management system that integrates with all our key partners for simple campaign administration.

If you wish to automate your pricing strategy, manage campaigns and optimize your product feed based on competitive data? Then keep scrolling and discover our features below.


Streamline your pricing strategy

Pricing shouldnt be a headache. With Reprice, you gain complete pricing control by having a comprehensive overview of your business. We leave the guesswork out of pricing and optimize pricing through our advanced pricing engine. Reprice ensures that everyone can step up their pricing strategy with our user-friendly interface. So get in touch and let us simplify your strategy with our fully or semi-automated pricing solution.


User friendly campaign administration

Punching campaigns can be a time-consuming process and your platform provider does not necessarily cover all the variables you need to make the right pricing decision. Well, look no further. Take advantage of our campaign manager to create campaigns for single products or multiple products, brands or categories. Plan in advance by tagging your products. Stay compliant with our omnibus pricing solution. Just simply try it, it will make your day better.

Product feed optimization

Optimizing your product feed with competitive data is a game changer for everyone taking advantage of this. You can decrease your marketing spend and simultaneously achieve a higher ROAS. But how?

Without an optimized feed you are likely to spend your marketing budget on all products listed in your feed. It doesn't matter if you are competitive or not, google will grab hold of your money.

Now, imagine that you implement Reprice to your day to day business and Reprice generates an optimized feed based on your competitiveness in the market, listing “all products with a profit margin above 10% and within the range of 5% compared to the lowest price in the market” in a product feed.

Now what? Implement the feed as a secondary feed in google merchant center and avoid spending your budget on the wrong products. Increase your customer satisfaction, reduce your marketing spend and lean back while you increase your total revenue.

Hand in hand with procurement

With Reprice you don't just manage pricing. Leverage sales data to uncover trends and understand customer behavior. Combining historical data and a seamless integration with Google Analytics (GA4) we enhance inventory management and improve the overall decision making processes.

“Reprice played a huge role in helping VPG achieve their revenue targets - by enabling efficient campaign planning, pricing strategies, plus execution. Additionally, it improved inventory control. Not only did this help save time - but also let the team focus on other essential tasks within the organization” Bjarne Grødseth, VPG

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